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Selecting Components

Selecting Components

What we want you to know

What makes a great spray park is how the kids play with the water, as well as with one another when they are at the park. Your money is best spent on components that are interactive, and that engage your children in life enriching play. Themes are nice, but they generally do not affect the play experiences of the children. Thus, it is not the theme, but the components of the spray park that will make the park successful.
When choosing components you need to account for
  • cost of the components
  • space available on your pad
  • water displays - amount of water the component provides
  • visual appeal - aesthetics
  • Interactivity - how the children play with the water
Tall Components
  • Tall components look good on your site, and provide street appeal, but they only become kids favourite pieces when they are interactive.
  • If the component itself can be manipulated, ie. turned by kids running around it, it becomes more interactive and more fun.
  • Dumping buckets are interactive and provide the element of of surprise.
  • Tall components that kids can run through, not just under the water, also offer added play value. 
Run through components
  • Water O’s and spray tunnels are architecturally appealing spray park components that kids naturally want to run through. They also make the park look full and give it presence.
Water cannons or guns
  • Water cannons are the most interactive spray park components. The appeal of water cannons is not necessarily shooting at each other; it is the ability to control and manipulate the direction of the water that kids enjoy. Ask any kid with a water hose, it’s fun!  
  • One way of looking at water canons is that a spray park is a safe place to engage in behavior that might not otherwise be acceptable.
  • If you can have three water canons triangulated then then more kids can be actively involved.
  • Locate them safely away from the passive play area where the toddlers will be.
Low interactive components
  • Components that are lower to the ground that kids can manipulate or turn and that allow them to touch the nozzles and direct the water display are the most engaging.
  • Posts with full umbrella water displays kids can duck under are very appealing.
Ground sprays
  • Ground sprays are inexpensive and deliver a lot of play value.
  • Sprays that are high and full for kids to run through and to put their hands and feet on to manipulate and redirect the water are inexpensive and lots of fun
  • Sprays or nozzles that are in related groups so that they shoot water up higher and fuller when kids cover up some of the nozzles gives the kids control of the action.
  • Soft quiet ground sprays with displays that appeal to little children discovering the properties of water are great for quite areas
  • Most spray parks offer high activity zones for older children with components like water cannons or dumping buckets and a more passive zone where the very young children can get used to playing with water.
Fill and Dump Stations
  • Water play tables that have troughs that fill up and allow children fill up and dump buckets and / or cups of water are great additions to spray parks, usually off to the side of the spray components
  • Best if you can have the water table in an area away from the spray deck like in a playground near by where there is sand to mix with the water. Mud, beautiful mud.

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