Our Playground Design Process

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You can rely on our 7 step design and construction process

We design playgrounds using a seven step process to guarantee the success of your project, and the process begins with a conversation. 
1. Consultation, Education and Exploration

First, we listen and learn as much as we can about your playground project and your goals. This helps us understand your wants and needs, as well as any limitations that may affect the development of your perfect playground.

We can help you determine your design criteria, such as:
  • Budget
  • Space available
  • Site requirements
  • Time lines
  • Any administrative hurdles
These criteria define our opportunity for helping you achieve your vision.
2. Vision

Your vision is what you hope your project to be when it is done.

PlayWorks has many unique options available for the design of your project. To serve you best and help you make informed decisions, we invite you to spend time with a PlayWorks play consultant with drawings, photographs, and videos to explore the options that appeal to you.
We also highly recommend that you go see some of our parks , and those of other playground companies to get a sense of what is available and what will engage your children.

Take your children to our recommended playgrounds and you will see play come to life.
3. Design

By combining your vision and our design philosophy , we design the ideal configuration of play equipment options to keep kids interested, excited and engaged.

Our wide range of manufacturers allows us to design a play area for how kids naturally play on a playground. With your play consultant, you can select the best equipment from each company; optimizing your budget and use of space.

Our goal is to provide a playground design that offers as much play value as possible, without compromising your adult needs for safety, durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics or affordability.
4. Proposal and Presentation

PlayWorks will present our initial design recommendations to you with site plans, 3D images, photographs, and costing. The layout and products we propose will be based on criteria you provide.

We truly believe that our designs developed with you will offer incomparable play value for your children.
5. Final Design: Refinements and Alterations

As you look at more playgrounds and playground designs you will develop your own expertise.

When you make your final decision on what you want in your park, we will take your feedback and revise our designs to be more specific to your new understanding of how good your park can be. Revisions are a welcome part of the process.

We also can provide site furnishing recommendations through ParkWorks to complete your outdoor space.
6. Installation 

After choosing the design and equipment, PlayWorks will help coordinate and manage the installation to ensure your playground is installed properly.

Each municipality or school board has its own way of managing the construction of playgrounds, the site preparations and landscaping needs. For example, some sites allow installation by supervised volunteers where others may require a professional installation company.

PlayWorks will use our relationships with suppliers, trucking companies, installers, landscapers and project administrators to make the installation as seamless as possible.
7. Play

We know our design philosophy works. The proof is in the playgrounds, skate parks and spray parks we have built.

We measure the success of our playgrounds by the wide range of engaging play experiences they bring to your children and new generations of children to come.
No matter what stage you are at with your project, we can provide useful advice  some assistance.

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