Planning and Execution

Planning and execution

...It can be a bit complicated, so let us help you through it.

We provide the same high level, customer focused services for playgrounds , spray parks and skate parks. From your initial ideas to the final installation inspection, PlayWorks has the products, the relationships, and the services you can trust to make your project a success.

 1. Early Stages Consultation and Planning (FREE)

  • Phone conversations, meetings, and information sharing
  • Needs assessment (children’s, adult owners, and authorities)
  • Establishing your vision 
  • Identification of design restrictions based on budgets, site requirements, regulations,  procedures, and authorities involved
  • Introduction of available choices from the products available through PlayWorks
  • Realistic budgeting
  • Preliminary site designs
  • Basic cost estimations

2. Design Consultation (meetings and/or phone conversations)

  • Clarify your play area needs and expectations
  • Explore the range of options from the various suppliers we represent
  • Determine criteria for prioritizing your needs
  • Assess how we can best meet your needs using the equipment we represent
  • From our design consultation we will draw up a proposed playground for you

 3. Presentation of Proposed Design (to individuals or groups)

  • Presentation of our proposed design

Our Proposed Designs Will Include

  • Proposed equipment choices and layout in site drawings
  • Design highlights
  • 2D scale drawings
  • 3D drawings
  • Photographs and videos of proposed equipment
  • Equipment pricing
  • Site work options and costing if required
  • Surfacing options and costing if required

Assurances of Our Product Service and Final Results Quality

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) documentation that we meet safety and structural integrity standards
  • Manufacturer’s warranties
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Lists of sites to visit

4. Final Design: Refinements and Alterations

  • We encourage you to let us know what you like, and what you are concerned about
  • We will revise the design until you are satisfied

5. Full Installation Services (by a contractor dedicated to PlayWorks)

  • Contractor site preparation
  • Contractor installation
  • Surfacing supply and installation

Volunteer Installation Program

  • Qualified supervision of your volunteers

6. After Installation Services (by our office staff in Edmonton)

  • Attention to any identified deficiencies
  • Support for our supplier’s warranty programs
  • Support for our installer’s warranty programs
  • Parts availability and service
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